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About me

I'm Gavin, a freelance illustrator & graphic designer. I'm also one of 40 certified ACP's (Adobe Community Professionals) in the UK and i'm a guest tutor for Since 2001 I have been working with global brands in editorials, advertising, conceptual, branding and character development. 

I’m drawn to lighting effects, photo-illustration and compositing, creating a sense of movement via kinetic and electric energy. My style is a helpful and unique tool in the formation of brand language in advertising, illustration and web projects and is appreciated by clients worldwide.  



Email: gavin (@)
Tel: (+44 7975 731577)

European Agent:
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Tel: (+31 058 299 0809)


Keynote Speaker: 
Adobe 'New Creatives' (2014)

Adobe Lights Project (2014) homepage feature (2014)
Microsoft (Cannes Lions) 2014

Interviews: (2014)
Advanced Photoshop (2014)
Photoshop Creative (2008)
Computer Arts (2009)
Creative Bloq (2014)

Advanced Photoshop (Issue 123) (July 2014)

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